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Garden Jolt: Hydroponics and More

Great Growing Experience

Garden Jolt will pass on the great growing experience to you. This includes information and products that take care of lighting, irrigation, air control, nutrients, and other environmental controls for applicable growing setups. Garden Jolt aims to create new experiences by utilizing resources in new ways. Our product line currently includes indoor hydroponics setups and supplies such as grow boxes and grow tents (We plan on expanding our product line when the greenhouse is up and running). Garden Jolt also provides additional in-home growing setup service to those in the Central Valley, California area when requested.

Outstanding Landscaping Service

At this time Garden Jolt only offers basic lawn mowing and trimming/cleanup services to the Central Valley, California area. In the near future the company will expand to offer full fledged landscaping including garden bed installation/maintenance outdoor, lawn treatment, lighting setups and more. We will also provide "No Grass" yards, and provide living areas that require minimal water. This company knows how important our customer's property is to them. We take the trust that is placed in our business very seriously and we take pride in providing quality care to our customers. If you have any questions, or would like to order a service, feel free to call and see what we can do for you.

Quality Food and Produce

We are now writing up plans to secure a solar power capturing, geothermal assisted greenhouse. The energy produced from the greenhouse will power hydroponics, aeroponic (fog & mist), bioponic, and aquaponic systems that produce and process quality fruits and vegetables year round. When completed, our food will be available fresh, freeze dried, dehydrated and frozen depending on the seasonal micro-climate conditions and desired output. The food will also be included in preparations such as deserts, and smoothies. If you would like to contribute to the goals of this organization, please let us know.