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Growzilla 3.0 Grow Box

Growzilla 3.0 Grow Box



Base Price: $850.00


The Growzilla 3.0 grow box is a single chamber is a 48 inch tall X 20 inch wide X 16.5 inch deep vertical hydroponics grow box built with beginner friendly functioning for those who are looking for large yields. The Growzilla features a powerful LED grow light on a Yo-Yo system in order to bring the lights close to your plants. This grow system can grow from SEED to HARVEST in 10 weeks. By following the easy to follow instructions, you can expect thick, luscious, and very healthy plants.
  • 5w custom spectrum Mars Reflector 48 light that provides a low heat full spectrum for plant growth and blooming
  • Fully Assembled grow container (Colored container) that includes built in reflection and insulation. It has lockable latches on the door. It also includes a carbon protected intake and exhaust system which includes a powerful 80mm outlet fan that will protect you from incoming pests and give you a fast rate of air exchange. The 3 gallon resevoir is also included with a 40 GPH submersible water pump (only fill up 2 gallons at a time).
  • 9 2 inch Net pots
  • 9 Organic Starter Plugs that are derived from peat moss
  • Air Line and Air Stone (stone is attached to air line)
  • Heavy Duty Timer
  • Ozium odor controller and carbon filter
  • Velcro to place items per instructions
  • A strong air pump produces richly oxygenated water. It has a sound dampening cover, soft rubber feet to suppress vibration, and a long lasting FLEX diaphragm. Rated for up to 15 gallons
  • RX Nutrient Pack That Includes(Nutrients will auto adjust pH removing the need to control pH)
    • Bloom A & B 16oz
    • Grow A & B 16oz
    • Bulk Additive
  • Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty

Upgrade Detail:

  • Increase yield production and efficiency with the Kind lighting system
  • Grow up to 20% faster with the Greenpad CO2 Generator
  • Dry your herbs: A carbon protected intake and exhaust system that includes 2 powerful 80mm outlet fans; Odor control provided by Ona Pro; Strategically placed hooks to hang plants on to dry, and Lockable latches

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