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Gorilla Grow Tent



Base Price: $600


Gorilla grow tents are tall and strong grow tents. The Gorilla Grow Tent is adjustable from 7 - 8 feet tall. Upgrade and add 2 more feet if you want to. The Gorilla Grow Tent eliminates many problems people have had with tent gardening which includes heat build up, material breakdown, light leakage, scent control, and durability. The Gorilla Grow Tent is completely stealth.

Features :

  • Properly positioned ducting ports
  • Large EZ view windows to allow viewers to see their plants without actually walking into the hydroponics system
  • Thick tent material - 1680D (compared to 200D - 600D; equates to 3x-9x denser than other tents
  • 10" double clinching ducting ports
  • Strong solid metal interlocking frame (Can hold up to 300 lbs!)
  • Infrared blocking roof to keep temperatures cool
  • Biggest and strongest zippers on the market
  • Powerful Velcro Seals
  • Diamond reflection technology
  • Tool pouch
  • Bug resistant pre-filters
  • Flood pool to hold water
  • Includes detailed instructions
  • 3 year "no hassle" warranty included
  • Free Shipping